When the rain falls it gives new light

smrainwaterdropletsOne of the physical manifestations for awareness is water, so to increase awareness you might take a shower or a bath. As you are doing that, you just let go of today’s worries. But it is not just a bath. For it to work as ceremony, the intention has to be there.

You could say the word “tsclo-ii.” Tsclo means rain that is falling on a parched landscape. When the rain falls it gives new light. That is the metaphor. That is the descending light, but it is the feminine because it is birthing, it is ever-growing. It is nurturing; it is a nurturing waterfall, nurturing rain. You say, “tah tsclo-ii-eh.” Tah is “I am,” so “tah tsclo-ii-eh” means “I am the one that is in a state of nurturing—a state of awareness, a state of innocence, a state of descending light.”

Doing this ceremony will free you of the problems of yesterday without causing you to lose the thread of what you were doing. Anything manifesting in your life is an energy so strong it won’t let you forget it. But when it does come to you the following day you’re in a different continuum, so it is in a
different layer. It is not impinging on your life any more, and you deal with it from an impersonal plane. ~ Sound – Native Teachings and Visionary Art, P.165

Spirit of Blooming Flower




When I do medicine I sing to it. It’s when I sing to it that I bring it to the here and now. It would otherwise choose to stay in the distant past or in the distant future. So, when I sing to it I bring it into the here and now where all of us on planet Earth
can benefit from it because it centers itself and it’s made totally
of goodness and kindness and beauty. It appears in beautiful
flowers that are blooming. It appears in the fruits that we eat. It
also appears in people because the chant is all of us singing.

Being and Vibration: Entering the New World, P129

singing to bowl

The Top of the Mountain

topofthemountainThe place at the top of the mountain, then, is the place where we are capable of the very highest awareness. Here is transformational potential which sits in the fifth position, at the center of the Wheel of Life. That transformational energy is what we want to experience every single day. In whatever work we are doing, we should say to ourselves, “I would like to tap into that transformational potential today in regard to this particular work I am doing. Work and worship and paying attention is opening myself to highest awareness. I am opening myself for the Spirit of Life to come work with me because this is where the potential for new insight exists.” The potential for new insight comes in the act of asking for help from the primary potential of the Spirit, the vibration that moves from the silence of emptiness into crystallized meaning. – Being and Vibration, P.70