Song of Peace

Sound is another form of holism that is an ingredient of our physical well-being, our planetary well-being, our environmental well-being.” Joseph Rael has recorded this Song of Peace to be sent out to people all over the world. Listen to the Song as a form of meditation and it will create wholeness within you.

Song of Peace

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High Tide

Song of Peace

Birdsong goddess

The origin of the flute music on the Song of Peace Video Inabuyatan Island, 1,105 feet high, at the entrance to Bacuit Bay in Palawan, Philippines, resembles the profile of a woman’s head looking up to the heaven. For years the locals called her the Princess, but she is also regarded as a Healing Goddess.

According to local folklore the Princess had gone into a deep long sleep, being unhappy with the world — she is patiently waiting for the world to heal. Her tears created a huge underground cavern inside the island with glistening crystal-like walls and a deep freshwater lagoon.

I first visited this wet cavern in the summer of 2003. It is about an hour of kayaking from Malapacao island where I was staying. This cave is hardly ever visited, as the timing and tide must be just right to safely enter. You need a boat and a guide to find the small cave opening, and you must swim or snorkel to get through the narrow tunnel entrance. Once inside it is completely safe, and dark. Usually there are beautiful small royal blue colored sea snakes resting in some of the nooks and cranies inside the cavern. You can hear the sound of waves of the ocean entering and retreating the small tunnel entrance. I discovered that this cavern is an amazing echoic chamber – and I was inspired to connect with the Great Mother with my flutes.

Under candle light, I recorded three of my flutes, using a pocket sized minidisk recorder and a stereo mic. A week later I was back in California, and attended the Summer Solstice ceremony at the ocean cliffs of Bodega Head — led by a great friend and healer, Frank Hayhurst. This is where I met a native American elder named Joseph Rael. I offered him the use of my drum for his song. His powerful presence combined with his loving and peaceful demeanor left a lasting impression on me. The next day I got a call from Frank. Frank and friends had taken Joseph to a special place on the coast, a place where Joseph had received a vision many years before. Frank said that Joseph had asked him if I played the flute – because Joseph had heard me play the flute in a cave across the Pacific Ocean during his meditation. Wow, I had not mentioned anything about the flute music I played in the island cave in Philippines to anybody before then!

According to Frank, Joseph had also communed with the Grandfather of the Ocean – and gave us some stones that he had hand picked, along with instructions – to meditate and make tea with. I still have that special stone in my altar. The flute music that was recently mixed in (by Shamanzone) with Joseph Rael’s Peace chant was one of the songs that I recorded inside the Inabuyatan cave in the Philippines in 2003. I now offer the 3 pieces that I recorded in that sacred cave as gift to the world. – Rogelio Herrera