Angels of Light

angelsof light400When I get a vision, I am told exactly, step by step, how to do it, and if I don’t do it right then there are angels, or beings, that come from the other side and tell me I made a mistake.

Once you agree to be a visionary, the above beings give you a vision and you have to do it; you can’t say no. Once we have decided to come to this Earth, we have to live up to certain criteria, because what we are doing has a direct connection to what is going on in the other dimensions. Each of us came here as the result of a vision. The planet had a vision, and as a result of that, you happened and I happened. Once the planet had a vision, then we came as a result of divine calling, divine longing. So we agreed to come down, and by the time we were born we had already been given a place on the planet. We were born to fulfill that vision. All the trials and tribulations are exercise. Their purpose is to make us the best possible conduits to move energy through the world, to enhance creation. We come here to manifest. We come to live in the world of illusion, to be in states of awe. ~ Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art, Pg. 143, Millichap Books

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