Soul Drinking Light

summer rains500A vision is the soul drinking light. It starts with descending light, like falling rain. The descending light is the feminine, the receptive. It is just light or undifferentiated energy. To someone perceiving the vision, it looks like a picture, or a phenomenon, but it’s really just the action of the soul drinking light. The visionary transformation happens in the act of perception. The soul, or consciousness, or the vast Self is drinking light that looks like awareness. It looks like receptivity; it has the quality of “as-above-so-below.” It has the quality of “heaven is here now.” What you want to achieve is here now, ready, given. Earth is fused with it; therefore, we can materialize it now and make it real.

That light is innocence. Everything is now open to learning; everything is now open to curiosity. Now we have the potential of creating from it what it can be or wants to be. Now we are given the energy. The vision gives the perceiver the energy — physical energy as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. “Do it!”

Above all, the vision connects the personal self to the vast Self. In fact, it’s all simply the vast Self seeing, making something perceptual because it is going to materialize it. Without materializing, matter can’t exist. Without materializing, the land can’t exist — the land, which is a metaphor of the vast Self.

You see, the vast Self is total nothingness. Nothing. The earth is simply a concretized, slowed-down energetic being that ended up material. What the vastness sees is what it creates. But, because it is creating what it is seeing, that vast seeing that it’s doing is creating a lot of interrelationships — interconnectedness, and relationship connections. Perception does that by its very nature. Perception is a connector, a linker. Everything is linked to everything else.

~ Ceremonies of the Living Spirit by Joseph Rael, Millichap Books

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